How’s your dev career doing?


I help software developers like you earn more by

recognizing gaps in your skillset, filling them in and making strategic career choices.

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Progressing in your career requires more than just writing good code…

You know how to write code that compiles. You’ve worked with StackOverflow like a million times to solve a problem. You can fix bugs and review other people’s code easily. Even your time estimation for your features is more on point lately, cause you’ve done it so many times.

In fact you know the tech stack pretty well, but do you know what’s the next step in your career?

I’m here to show you that improving your Software Engineering Mindset can result in a more fulfilling career with more $$$ that you deserve.

Improving the Mindset is about tweaking how you code on daily basis, how you communicate with your teammates - and how you show up to interviews - it’s the small details you’ve been missing out on.


Choose the way of moving forward with your career:


Feature 1

Learning is your middle name, and you love doing your research first.

Explore more about the mindset that I teach by reviewing my articles posted on medium.

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Feature 2

Hunting for a job? Doesn’t matter if it’s your first or fifth, the problem is, the interviewers usually don’t provide you with any sorts of feedback.

Schedule a mock interview with me and after an hour of interviewing you, I’ll provide you with a very detailed feedback on the interview (both positives and negatives) and steps to improve.

I’ll point out all the things you that are stopping you from landing your next gig.


Feature 3

Skip the wait, and get tailored advice for your situation. The kind of feedback you won’t get from reading online blogs and articles.

I’m the career coach that will help you get to the next level. Just like any proper sports coach, I’ll give you the tactics and strategies to move up in your career and together we’ll design an action plan to get you there.

All you need to do is schedule a call with me.