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Wanna know how I do it?

Let me share some secret sauce ingredients….




Let’s face it. We all work with other people. Code is very rarely now a one-man project. It requires a lot of hands working together. Most of us programmers get hired to work in a team setting. But how to do it successfully?


Maintainable code.

What you’ve learned at school / college / bootcamp about coding has almost nothing to do with programming in an actual job setting… I mean, be real with me, how many times have you even heard the word “maintainable“ next to “code”?



How you think about coding is more important than years of experience you list on your resume. Ask any dev who conducts interviews.

It’s like with anything else in life. Can’t succeed without proper mindset. Sooo..



Let’s get in touch, so I can tell you aaaaaaall about it




Dagna is a passionate mindset shifter among fellow developers. She has founded - training company that helps junior developers understand how successful software engineers think. She enjoys both engineering and working with people. She also loves facing challenging problems, especially if the effort of solving them contributes to changing peoples lives for better!

Her original background is in Control Engineering and Robotics, though currently she works as a Senior Software Engineer at Passport and is focused on creating and maintaining iOS and Android apps for daily use in public transportation. In her spare time, away from coding or mentoring people, she enjoys family gossips over homemade glass of raspberry liquor (malinówka).